Extreme planking Sydney CBD edition… #napping #hardlife #fuckyoupayme

Tasty new virgin granite Westside ledges ❤️ @davo2153 @adam_dot

Now that’s my kinda rotary power!!! Big block ya don’t stop!! 😜

That’s right, my daughter is Tha illest!! @gram_negative @_isislily_ ❤️

Good one #redfern breast screening outside a asbestos removal site with radioactive machines inside as well 😜

Can’t you stop thinking of your rape dungeon for 5 mins??? It will be ok bro 😜

Gawwwd my daughter @scratchedlife is so beautiful and talented! #blessed #daughterappreciationpost ❤️

So proud of my beautiful daughter @scratchedlife taking the time to stand up for workers rights in Dubai 😊

Luke may not have been Hans only concern.. 😜

When buildings look like #robots picture #1